Hard work and luck seem to be the recipe for a successful business. However, information plays a major role in helping you maintain that success and keep up with the changes on the market. Although as a business owner, you have to keep track of many aspects including management problems, employees and customer service, you should also pay attention to business structure. It might seem extreme, but it is actually the truth. Apparently, corporations have more advantages than sole proprietorships and considering the competitiveness on the market, you should start investigating more the situation.


  • Business growth and credibility

If you compare a sole proprietorship with a corporation, you will notice that customers but also other businesses have the tendency of choosing the second option because it inspires them higher reliability and credibility. We cannot deny the power of that “Inc.” that follows the name of the company because it definitely provides the potential of growth and professionalism. Moreover, the decision of incorporating a business proves the desire of increasing the presence of the company on the market and ensuring perpetual duration. This means that even after the death of the current owner, the company will continue to exist so you should definitely think about company registration in Singapore.

  • Protection and convenience

Another advantage of incorporating a business is that the owner has the possibility to protect his personal assets because the responsibility of covering debts falls on the shoulders of the corporation. Practically, creditors can no longer seek payment from personal assets of directors and shareholders. Not having to risk their properties or savings is definitely a relief. In terms of convenience, they can simply transfer ownership, totally or partially by stock transfer or sale. However, this is a private matter.

  • Tax savings and raising capital

Business incorporation helps you save money on taxes because you practically create a separate legal entity. For instance, if you lease a vehicle or rent office facilities, you can write checks from your corporate bank account. Another benefit is less overall taxes. As a company owner, you can start up a pension fund and sock away a lot of money. When it comes to raising capital, business incorporation provides for investment opportunities and singapore company incorporation consultants pte ltd will definitely back up this statement.


Incorporating a business does have certain drawback although they fade in comparison to the benefits. Obviously, during the process you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork, which can be quite stressful and challenging. After the process, you also have to maintain the new corporation meaning that you will have to deal with legal documents like the share and transfer registers that require constant updating. You also have to be aware that business incorporation is expensive because corporations are more complex than sole proprietorships. It is common sense, but you have to be prepared both mentally and financially.

As a short conclusion, even though business incorporation is not that easy, it definitely brings many advantages and after all, you cannot obtain anything beneficial without a little struggle.