There are basically two ways of getting hold of custom adhesive products for your business. One being to overpay, the other being to pay the best possible price. Needless to say, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which of the two is preferable. Unfortunately, evidence would seem to suggest that the preferable approach isn’t the approach taken by any number of businesses right now.

Choosing to buy industrial adhesives in the first place indicates that they are to be used for a purpose of some importance. In some instances, industrial adhesives play a pivotal role at the heart of whatever it is the business in question does. But regardless of the specifics or the scope of your need for industrial adhesive products, it never makes sense to overpay.

The question being – what can you do to ensure that you don’t overpay?

Well, the simple answer comes in the form of several common yet highly unfortunate mistakes, which are guaranteed to see you paying more than necessary. Which in turn means that if you successfully avoid the following, chances are you will pay a fair and decent price every time you order custom adhesive products:

1. Deal with Middlemen

The first and foremost, what’s the benefit of dealing with middlemen when you could just as easily go to 3M tape suppliers directly? In this day and age, it’s no secret that middlemen do little or other than jack up the price of the products they sell, in many instances not offering the most ideal service standards in general.  Nevertheless, thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to work with middlemen instinctively. The problem being that when you do, you are largely guaranteed to pay a higher price for the same products.  Not to mention, deny yourself access to what could prove to be invaluable advice and consultancy. In the business world, cutting out middlemen when and where possible really can make a big difference to efficiency and performance.

2. Don’t Request Samples

If you’re happy to run the risk of the products you order being unfit for purpose, feel free not to bother requesting samples. However, if you would rather ensure everything is as it should be before paying a large sum of cash for a much bigger order, consider samples essential. More often than not, willingness to offer samples ahead of time represents an important measure of the professionalism of any given adhesive manufacturer. Which basically means that if samples are not an option, you might want to think about taking your business elsewhere.

3. Order Ad-Hoc

Sticking with that same subject for a moment, ordering custom adhesives as and when required is the perfect recipe for paying too much. And it’s exactly the same case with all essential business supplies across the board, too. If there is something you are going to need a lot of or perhaps a need on a regular basis, it simply makes sense to order as much of it is possible at the same time. This way you stand to benefit from the kinds of bulk order discounts that can take purchase prices a step or two down.

4. Don’t Consider the Alternatives

Always remember that what seems to be the most obvious adhesive solution might not in fact be the best solution for your business.  For example, if you are currently working with some kind of custom liquid adhesive, why not explore the options available with adhesive tapes? One of the biggest benefits of working directly with experienced adhesive manufacturers is the potential to check out a variety of potential solutions, in order to find the best possible solution for your business. By contrast, stick with the same process/product instinctively without considering what else is available and you could be selling yourself short.

5. Ignore the Instructions

Last but not least, there’s really one rule and one rule alone that needs to be followed to the letter, when it comes to handling, storing and using any kind of industrial adhesive. Which is, to ensure that you read the instructions and follow them to the letter.  Rest assured that whatever it is the manufacturer has to say about the adhesive product you have purchased, it is for your own benefit.  Choose to ignore the instructions and you risk not only wasting time, effort and money, but perhaps also putting the safety of your workforce and your wider business in jeopardy.