Very few would knowingly go into the purchase of important industrial adhesive products without giving it at least moderate forethought. After all, these tend to be the kinds of products that are only purchased for matters/purposes of real significance. But at the same time, those who may have never dealt with the purchase process before maybe unsure what to do.  Likewise, those used to using such products may also be prone to making certain common mistakes here and there, which can both make things more costly than they need to be, or perhaps hinder overall performance.

As is the case with most things, the key lies in working with those adhesive tape suppliers who clearly have the best interests of the client at heart from start to finish.  Working with a reputable provider means gaining access to all the essential information and advice you will need, for the benefit of both business performance and your bottom line.  Nevertheless, it’s still important to bear a few key considerations in mind along the way, in order to avoid falling foul of the following common mistakes:

Not Knowing Your Requirements

First and foremost, if you do not know exactly what it is you need, you cannot expect to be provided with it.  Many businesses make the mistake of simply setting out to buy custom adhesive products for any given purpose, without first fully considering the specifics of the purpose itself.  From bond strength to compatible materials to application methods to safety and so on, there is much to take into account which can be customised accordingly.  In this instance, it is far better to be too precise and demanding than to break and non-specific.

Not Considering All Options

Custom adhesive products are available in an exponential variety of shapes, types and specifications – all with their own unique benefits and limitations.  Once again, exactly which of these represents the ideal choice will be determined entirely on what the adhesive is to be used for.  Nevertheless, it is still critically important to consider all options carefully, given the way in which one type or specification may be vastly better suited to the job than another.  This is again where professional consultancy and advice can be invaluable.

Failing to Request Samples

When placing any order for any kind of custom adhesive product for the first time, it is a good idea to first ensure that the product in question is indeed suitable for the job.  In the vast majority of instances, leading product designers and manufacturers will offer samples and prototypes, in order that they be tested and verified before going ahead with the larger order.  This also tends to be one of the key distinguishing factors that underpins the kind of custom adhesive manufacturer you know you can trust.

Involving Middlemen

While it’s an approach favoured (or at least chosen instinctively) by many, involving middlemen at any point in the process only complicates and increases the expense of the purchase process.  It’s worth remembering that whoever is involved along the way to any extent, such individuals are not going to be doing what they do free of charge.  Going direct allows for the lowest possible prices and the best possible service – bringing middlemen into the equation can have a detrimental effect on both.

Buying Generic

The whole point of picking up high quality bespoke adhesive products is that they are, at least to a certain extent, customised in accordance with your needs.  As such, it is never advisable to simply pick up the kinds of mass produced or generic adhesives and related accessories, which for obvious reasons were not designed specifically for you and you alone.  Once again, the more specific and detailed you can be with your own requirements, the better.

Buying Ad-Hoc

Last but not least, while it’s of course important to test any custom adhesive products in small quantities initially, any that have been verified as effective and suitable for use should be purchased in bulk.  This isn’t necessarily a rule that is enforced heavily by manufacturers, but it is nonetheless always the case that to buy on an ad hoc basis in small quantities is to pay a much higher per-unit price.  If you are going to need a significant amount of the product in question are either on an ongoing basis or to fill large orders, it simply makes sense to order large quantities in the first place.  Speak to your chosen service provider and asked directly about bulk discounts, which should be readily available.