Before going ahead and placing an order for any custom adhesive product, it is important to know you’re working with the best in the business. Assuming the adhesive is to be put to use for some kind of important practical purpose, it simply makes sense to validate the position and stature of the supply of first.  Which might come across as complicated, but actually means just asking a few questions beforehand.

For the most part, the vast majority of 3M preferred tape converters in the UK are providing outstanding products and services without exception. Nevertheless, given the fact that there will always be some who inherently perform above and beyond the others, it is always in your best interests to be sure. Rather than taking things for granted, all you need to do is ask a few questions to clarify a few important issues, before going ahead.

Bring the following five examples up during your initial conversations and chances are you will have the information you need to make the right decision:

1. What Are the Options Available?

First of all, there are two reasons why this question is of particular importance.  The first of which being that the very best service providers in the business should offer access to a near-endless range of products and services, customised in accordance with your needs. Secondly, it is a good way of ascertaining exactly to what extent the service provider in question is willing to offer advice, and support and suggestions. By contrast, those who present you with very limited options and largely expect you to know exactly what you want already are not necessarily those you should be working with. After all, part of the price you pay goes on the expertise you receive as part of the overall service package.

2. Do You Offer Prototypes?

One easy way of splitting the available options right down the middle is to ask whether or not prototypes/samples are available. For the most part, the most successful and reputable businesses will practically insist on providing your customers with samples, before expecting them to then go ahead and place large orders. By contrast, there will always be those who refuse to offer such facilities in any way, shape or form. The obvious problem being that with the latter, you may find yourself in a difficult situation if it turns out that the products you order are not fit for purpose. There’s a chance they might be, but at the same time you could be looking at quite a lot of wasted time and money.

3. Have You Worked with Similar Businesses Before?

A good way of determining the suitability of the company in terms of working with your own business is to ask them if they have worked with similar businesses before. In many cases, you will find that some of the most advanced custom adhesive manufacturers have worked with dozens or even hundreds of businesses, spanning just about every industry imaginable. In any case, it pays to ensure that they have at least some experience with clients similar to you, which should in turn indicate their ability to perform this time around.

4. Do You Have References?

Of course, it’s one thing to work with business is similar to yours, but it is something else entirely to earn their approval and recommendation. It’s comparatively rare to come across any kind of service provider these days that does not have a decent enough archive of feedback from past and present customers. If it isn’t presented directly on their website, carrying out a quick web search is usually all it takes.  And of course, you are always fully entitled to request evidence by way of success stories and case studies, should you wish to do so.

5. What if I’m Not Satisfied?

Last but not least, it’s never a good idea to enter into any kind of deal of importance, without first ensuring that certain guarantees are in place. A reputable custom adhesive manufacturer should be more than willing to offer any number of guarantees, in order to ensure that if you are not totally satisfied with the result, you can obtain a refund. Such guarantees should be made fairly obvious from the start, that you can of course always ask directly if unsure. If no such guarantees are offered, this should tell you all you need to know about the company in question.